The Piety

The Piety

The Piety

It was the most important Mystery which didn’t belong to the Parish. It belong to the peasant farmers neighbourhood. It had always been kept in “Can Carreras” house in a spacious cell. It was probably a carving from XVIII century. The virgin had the heart pierced by seven swords and a silver crown. The Mystery had a member’s commission who had a lifelong position. The Rosary on Friday had always been sung. In 1916, the images were restored and repainted.

Jesus, you will rest dead in your Mother’s arms. The welcome to all who come closer to church should be authentic and stimulating to guide the lifestyle which Jesus taught us to arrive to the Father.
Oh! Virgin, Mother, welcome us, protect us now and also our deathly hour.

Com arribar-hi

How to arrive
From F.G.C. we can find some signs indicating the Mysteries Route.
If you travel by car, take Francesc Macià Street, arriving at Catalunya Square car park, then follow the signs route on foot.


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