The Saint Christ of the Agony

The Saint Christ of the Agony

The Saint Christ of the Agony

This Holy Christ, created by the scultor M. Domingo Peris was acquired by a popular subscription in 1939 in the city of Olot.
In the documents consult from 1939-1940, which was preserved in the Parish Santa María de Olesa Files, it appears dated on 7th May, 1939. The Priest L´`atzer Torà wrote down: “Dear parishioners, the blessing and solemn entrance of the venerated image of Holy Christ of the Agony will take place on the 21st Sunday after the Ascension, paid by popular subscription”.

The idea of settling a Mystery in the San Bernat neighbourhood appeared from a meeting between Jaume Dinarès and Albert Parent. Both thought it would be good that in this neighbourhood, due to their religious conviction, an Easter Brotherhood could be formed.
Towards 1996, Albert Parent informed Jaume García that in the basement of Olesa Parish there was an image of the old Christ. They didn’t stop to think much about it and they agreed to have it restored by the author Andreu Gómez Villaplana.
A meeting took place in Sant Bernat neighbourhood, where some people who had previously been connected to any Mystery/movement and now they lived in the neighbourhood were invited.In this meeting, the possibility to keep this image of Christ as a proper one was exposed so they could adopt it as a Mystery for Easter.
The agreement was unanimous and the Christ of the Agony Brotherhood was created. Carmen Gómez and Llorenç Mimó were named as the first responsible.
Therefore, it was on Wednesday the 25th March in 1996 before Easter, when the brotherhood of the Christ carried the Christ in the Procession from the parish to the Civic Centre and there, they gave the image to the Brotherhood of the Christ of the Agony.
Since then, it has been kept in San Salvador Church, in the vicinity of Sant Bernat.


És l’amor qui ha portat Jesús al calvari. I, un cop a la creu, tots els seus gestos i totes les seves paraules són d’amor, d’amor serè i fort.
Tu i jo, som ben frec a frec de Jesús, amb l’ànima rompuda de dolor: diguem-li, sincerament: Jesús compteu amb mi! I un dolor viu ens fa sentir aquest prec misteriós des de la creu: “Jo sofrint, i tu...covard; Jo estimant-te, i tu...oblidant-me; Jo suplicant-te, i tu...dient-me que no”.

Com arribar-hi

Des de els F.G.C. es troben uns cartells indicadors de la Ruta dels Misteris, seguin-los es troben tots els Misteris.
Amb cotxe s'ha d'arribar al aparcament de c/ Indústria (Els Closos) continuar a peu seguin els cartells indicadors.


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