Every year, for Lent, Olesa de Montserrat prepares to live the Holy Week ( the week before Easter), which in the different neighbourhoods means to launch a tradition that is starting to be quite relevant. A group of people initiate the tasks to put their enthusiasm at the service of the community, as it is the display of the Mysteries figures with their complements – arrange the bouquets, the candles... – in order to create a peaceful atmosphere of serenity in such a convulsive moment.

This efforts made by different neighbours is something to be grateful for, considering that they are mostly elders not looking for their own profit, but to transmit a withdrawal spirit, a spirit of love and brotherhood during the Holy Week.

The intention of this words is to invite all our neighbours to participate, elders, young and children, to protect this acts from forgetfulness and to endure forever, because our town’s traditions belongs to every single inhabitant and we must get involved: the simple things are from the town and for the town. As one of our neighbours used to say, “Olesa’s citizens will move Olesa” (“els olesans mouran Olesa”).

If you have decided to collaborate, you can ask for further information using the contact mailbox and we will attend you personally.

Thank you very much!

Mysteries’ collective

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