Judas Kiss

Judas Kiss

Judas Kiss

Towards 1950, a group of neighbours from Olesa (expansion district) decided to create a new brotherhood in Olesa to participate in the Good Friday Procession. Thanks to these neighbours who, little by little, paid monthly, in 1956 Judas Kiss arises in the Procession. The dimensions and the weight of the carving made the responsible think of using a catafalque with wheels; it was the first one to appear in the procession. Later, others took the same decision. The first location of the Mystery was Olesa Hospital (in the current entrance of Nuestra Señora de Monserrat Residence). It was exposed there the whole year, and also during Easter, before the Procession. Around 1965, after the work extension and with the church construction next to the hospital, it was decided to move the Mystery there, where it is nowadays. In 1993, the tradition to expose the Mysteries in Olesa was picked up and then it was exposed in the Hospital Church on Good Thursday and Friday.

If we want to be loyal, it is precise that we renew from inside, we should forget the bad paths and the bad works according to God’s eyes. If we have sinned, we have to know that God wants to forgive us. We should rely on him although we have abandoned him, He waits for us as the Father of the prodigal son. If we have stopped loving God, we should come back and say to him: Father, forgive me.

Com arribar-hi

How to arrive
From F.G.C. we can find some signs indicating the Mysteries Route.
If you are travelling by car, take the Francesc Macià Street, arriving at Catalynya Square car park, then follow the signs by foot.


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